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sweet crescent moon, up in the sky

[ It's a week or more after the end of Cress. Thorne's sight has returned to make my life easier, they're probably planning on going to Luna sooner rather than later, but at this moment the Rampion is quiet and peaceful.

Well, asides from them all being hunted down by the Lunar military and the Earthen Union for kidnapping a world leader, the newsfeeds every day about more people being slaughtered because of it, planning a Lunar revolution centered around a cyborg mechanic princess, Wolf's slinking around like a wounded animal ready to bite something's head off, and probably some other things he can't think of at the moment but are just as tiring as all the others.

But aside from all that, peaceful.

Thorne is lounging in the cockpit, feet up on the arm of the chair next to him, shuffling his deck of cards. He'd be in the cargo bay with his cards looking to play someone for money none of them have (yet), but right now that area is where the cyborg mechanic princess and her kidnapped emperor are discussing important revolutionary matters. Or kissing, if you listen to Iko. Either way, that leaves him in the cockpit. Bored. No one else is complaining of boredom, of course, since the world is at stake and they are planning a revolution and all, but. He's certain that everyone's thinking it. ]

Darla, could you play some music?

[ The ship obliged, tuning to some new pop music from the Eastern Commonwealth. ] No, something else. [ It switched to some old-style country music. ] Definitely not that. [ Now it was playing something old, smooth and jazzy. ] Well, that's a start, anyway...
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[ Cress had finally given up her princess gown. She'd worn it all day after they'd gotten back, although admittedly she'd been busy hiding the Rampion, and then she'd been busy wondering with Thorne just what Emperor Kai and Cinder were up to. Plans? Did they, uh, have a plan? Sometimes they seemed to just sort of wing the plan thing, for all that they had been able to come up with a solid-ish plan to rescue - kidnap? - Kai.

Or maybe, Cress thought, it was simply that the plans the Rampion crew made tended to go horribly awry. Case in point: her own damsel-in-distress rescue.

The week or so spent learning the routine of the Rampion was...hard. She'd been with just Thorne for so long (and before that, without anyone) and Cress's first instinct in trouble or when startled was still to shrink behind him, using him as sort of a human shield. He was actually probably a better human shield now that he could see again, after a week of the eyedrop treatment Cress had dutifully applied for him every day.

But he could see again and Cress didn't think she was that great at hiding her feelings (but she was an actress, she had to keep reminding herself) and she realized she'd gotten into the habit in the desert of just staring at him whenever she liked, watching expressions, tracking movement. It...was that creepy? Oh stars above she was creepy, but she had never meant to be...still, his company was the company she was most used to. While Cress liked Iko and would spend some time with her, she mostly spent her days with Thorne. Or, well, in the cockpit at least, scanning frequencies and immersing herself in code.

She hadn't expected to hear music on her way back there from a nap. Tugging at her shirt - the clothes she had were quickly bought ones but since Cress had owned only two dresses for seven years, they were heaven-sent - Cress paused to peer around the doorway.

Thorne. She stepped around the doorway upon confirming that, quick, light steps. ]

Captain? [ Her head tilted to the side, and the fall of short curls over her shoulder was still, even now, a novel sensation. ]
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Oh, no! I was already awake, I mean, I set an alarm and anyway - [ Cress comes further into the cockpit, heading straight for the now-free seat and sitting down, crossing her ankles and twisting her hands in her lap a little awkwardly. It was frenetic energy more than anything else. Even now Cress found it hard to simply sit still, to be quiet. If she wasn't fiddling with her hair or hands or a computer - well, it was hard to find her not doing that if she wasn't asleep. And more often than not, she'd hum or sing, without ever realizing it. ]

- Anyway, this music is lovely. I've always liked jazz. [ The way she says it makes it sound as though it's a dark secret - and maybe it is, in a way. Mistress Sybil had hated when Cress listened to Earthen music.

That had never stopped Cress doing it, though. ]
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Oh, but they can't have been awkward! [ The blonde leans forward in her chair, resting her elbows on her knees and propping her chin in her hands. A dance. She's danced before, but only on her own. Pretending to be a ballerina, mimicking dancers on vid screens, going along with Little Cress's fitness program punishments... ]

I mean, dancing. How would you even have time to feel awkward at a dance?
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[ She'd been picturing it. Thorne has a way with words, and he knows it. Uses it all the time on the people they run into, and even on Cress herself. She can see it, even though she's never been to school, never felt or done any of the things he's talking about. Cress had wanted to, had seen it in Earthen movies (but movies aren't true to real life, not really, and she knows that now) but Thorne's talking about it and she can almost see it...

Somehow, she doesn't expect the story to transition into show-and-tell, and her eyes widen. Her elbows slip off her knees and she nearly hits her chin, though she sits up too-fast, balancing. ]

I, [ oh stars he's asking you to dance SAY SOMETHING and even being a beautiful actress can't help her here. But Cress holds out her hand, tentative, and puts it in his.

Thorne touching her will never not make her a little giddy. ]
That is, okay.
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[ Cress is pretty much having an internal meltdown. This was not anything like - well, okay, she'd never actually danced with Wolf at the party. They'd just lurked at the edges and he'd looked imposing and she'd tried to look like she was in love.

It had been kind of difficult, with all his broody glaring. ]

I don't think I can picture you oogling me. [ Was that a stupid thing to say. OH GOD, IT WAS A STUPID THING TO SAY. ]
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[ She can't help it: Cress laughs. Instead of making her feel awkward, the joke makes her relax, and her posture becomes a little less stiff. Her fingers curl into Thorne's where he holds hers. ]

Sort of. But it doesn't feel - [ awkward? she always feels nervous around Thorne, like she's going to make some sort of mistake or ruin his image of her or...something, but it also always feels...comfortable.

In a nerve-wracking kind of way. ]

I don't think this is what you meant by awkward?
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[ Teenagers. At a high school dance. Well, Cress is sixteen - and she's wearing some of the standard coveralls stocked on the ship, though Iko has gotten her more fashionable options. Thorne's in his usual gear, and Cress can't imagine him ever wearing anything less than sharp.

She's seen his school photos, and she knows he looked good back then.

Cress giggles again, and tries to follow the box step. She's only ever danced with imaginary partners, before now. ]

But, Captain. [ She's seen movies. Streamed them against orders, imagined herself a normal high school girl or a super spy or a princess or anything at all. ]

You got me a corsage, and picked me up at the door. It might not match a puke colored dress, but it's my favorite color, and you put it on for me. [ Her thoughts are running away with her, daydreaming too familiar to stop, and he'd started it - ] And it's my first dance. Why would we be paying attention to anyone else?
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[ A pause, as she falters a little because - well - maybe she's getting too into the game? ]

I mean, I - I think there's probably good points, too. You're just glossing over all of them so you can say all school dances are terrible and awkward.

[ And she prompts him to lift his arm so she can execute a twirl underneath it, to hide her embarrassment. ]
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[ Unlike some people, they don't have dramatic pasts with kidnapped emperors, and they definitely didn't just lose their one true love to the Lunar empire. Cress lost her father, but honestly, she still doesn't know how she feels about that.

It's easy to smile and laugh with Thorne, because she's always known how she feels about him. ]

Really? [ It's still strange, to get compliments like that. Mistress Sybil had only handed them out when she wanted something, or when bad things were about to happen. ] You really think I'm skilled? I've only ever - I've never danced with another person.
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[ It is far too late. She fell for his charms before they fell to Earth. Literally. In a crashing satellite. ]

Like a ballroom dancer? But who would be my partner? [ Do you want to go into dance, Captain...

Her eyes widen almost comically, though, at the mention of a different dance partner. ]

No! I mean, you're - you're absolutely the best first partner. Ever. Ever. [ And so what if she might have imagined this moment a zillion and one times? Dancing. With Thorne. Cress may or may not also have imagined soul-stirring duets, though, and she'd half considered dancing as unlikely as Thorne suddenly serenading her about true love. ]
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[ Um no she's pretty sure Thorne is the best option??? Even though he keeps telling her he's terrible, Cress has yet to really buy that.

When he'd thought they were going to die, he'd kissed her. Like he promised. ]

But dancing with you is [ everything i've ever dreamed of, she forces herself not to say, cheeks flushing red ] fun.

[ And it is. Just talking to him is fun. It's hard to recall laughing or smiling this much in conversation with any of the others. Granted, Cinder and Kai are still sorting their shit out and Wolf is...Wolf, but never in her life has Cress felt so safe with another person.

She trusts Thorne. Even though he keeps telling her to quit it. ]