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windtalk ► ikki (legend of korra)
herolady ► lin beifong (legend of korra)
catghost ► meulin leijon (homestuck)
catfishsprite ► fefetasprite (homestuck)
vodkakind ► mom lalonde (homestuck)
breathwitch ► jade egbert (homestuck)
crockerrebel ► jade crocker (homestuck)
matilding ► matilda mccall (orginal)
cucumbery ► cucumber (cucumber quest)
timestwo ► sollux captor (homestuck)
cresthope ► tj (digimon)
vanilling ► vanille (ffxiii)
lovelove ► usami (super dangan ronpa 2)
winterspirit ► jack frost (rise of the guardians)
caretcake ► thea fenski (homestuck oc)
poseidonite ► percy jackson (percy jackson)
onlysanecat ► okita (franken fran)
preparestrouble ► jessie (pokemon)
sixtwosix ► stitch (lilo & stitch)
bikethief ► ash ketchem (pokemon)
despairundies ► gundam tanaka (super dangan ronpa 2)
lightstruck ► lightning farron (ffxiii)
doyouwanna ► anna (frozen)
besmouldered ► flynn rider (tangled)
pixelhearted ► vanellope von schweetz (wreck-it ralph)
planetsurfing ► jim hawkins (treasure planet)
fireshonor ► zuko (avatar: the last airbender)
timepunch ► snow villiers (ffxiii)
plantwizardry ► briar moss (the circle of magic series)
blackkout ► kennedy karson (original)
spacewoof ► jade harley (homestuck)
shslsitter ► hajime hinata (super dangan ronpa 2)
roxylavoid ► roxy lalonde (homestuck)
objectionables ► miles edgeworth (ace attorney)
malias ► malia tate (homestuck)
lavabends ► bolin (legend of korra)
windings ► jinora (legend of korra)
catneps ► nepeta leijon (homestuck)
chells ► chell (portal)
metalmouth ► gajeel (fairy tail)
browraising ► jim halpert (the office)
periduh ► peridot (cucumber quest)
catayes ► happy (fairy tail)
scissorific ► fukawa touko (dangan ronpa/another episode)
cluefinds ► kyouko kirigiri (dangan ropna)
manyfaced ► hexidecimal (reboot)
crosshearts ► mayu (death parade)
stabbingfun ► liz larson (barley lethal)
dorkside ► riley matthews (girl meets world)
moonflute ► luna (area d)
goldenlakes ► issac goldenlakes (celestial tales??)
berserkflash ► asuna yuuki (sword art online)
kurrito ► kirigaya "kirito" kazuto (sword art online)
vindaskera ► heather (race to the edge)
nipt ► ruffnut (how to train your dragon)
skysinger ► shigure (fire emblem)
peacevoice ► sakura (fire emblem)
graywave ► corrin (fire emblem)
rallyings ► hinoka (fire emblem)
clumsys ► felicia (fire emblem)
lunged ► camilla (fire emblem)
starsticker ► mabel pines (gravity falls)
prankitty ► kitty cheshire (ever after high)
luminarys ► ophelia (fire emblem)
bowfairer ► kiragi (fire emblem)

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