tomefairest: (SPRITE ► upset.)
ophelia of the dusk ([personal profile] tomefairest) wrote in [community profile] ladybox 2016-02-24 12:22 am (UTC)

the floor is lava, u know who

[ So. This sure is a battle map. The floor wasn't lava a few seconds ago, but unfortunately some other royal on the other side tapped into the power of a Dragon's Vein - and Ophelia doesn't sense one she can tap into to undo it. So here she is, stuck on a little island of rock surrounded by a sea of molten lava, though she can see the battle still raging on the mainland.

At least she's not alone??? ]

Fate is such a cruel leave the chosen pair stranded from the battle! Truly, she fears our intervention on this day! [ Fun fact: marrying her apparently made Shigure a Chosen Hero. Did he know that? ]

Dearest one! Does your dark energy sense its match?

[ translation: yo do u see a dragon's vein around here because i sure as fuck don't ]

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