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canon point: hug after saving them

[ 83 - Megan, but she still thinks of herself as 83 first, calls herself 83 when she's not consciously remembering the cover story - has been trained well. Not for this sort of thing, specifically. Hardman had never trained them to react to kidnapping from their universe. Kidnapping in general? Sure. 83 could deal with that. This was a new level.

Still, her skills came in handy. If something tried to kill her, she was very good at stopping it from doing so. She didn't like to kill, but she would - could - if it came to that.

Liz can't do that. Liz can stab people (she'd proven that) but Liz hasn't killed anyone and that makes her something of a liability when they're being attacked. 83 has to focus on Liz, on saving Liz, because Liz? Liz is an attachment. That's not even a question. Liz is the only attachment here from home, and there's no way 83 - Megan - will let anything happen to her. Ever.

She comes up from a forward somersault to slam into their attacker (some monster she's never even seen before) and while she doesn't know how vital points work on this alien...thing, stabbing it repeatedly seems to work. The blood is green, and goopy, and ugh this shirt is toast and it was super cute. Not nickel at all. 83 glanced over her shoulder, shoving her hair out of her face. She'd have to start wearing it back again. ]

Liz? Are you okay??

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