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83 | megan walsh ([personal profile] barelylethal) wrote in [community profile] ladybox 2015-05-18 11:16 am (UTC)

Uh, not exactly. [ 83 shoves at the body with her booted toe, biting her lip and looking - well, moderately concerned. She's always been pretty easy to read - even though she's not supposed to be, has been trained not to be. The thing seems definitely dead, so she crouches down and begins to search the body. Do aliens carry anything useful...? Or, well, at least she should be more familiar with this...whatever the hell this is. ]

But killing things tends to be the same at the baseline, kinda. [ She has yet to meet something that isn't susceptible to being stabbed to death. 83 - Megan, she reminds herself - has no idea what she'll do if that happens. Choke it? What if it doesn't have to breathe? ] I think some of the vital points are the same as ours.

[ Ah, nostalgia. Stabbing those stupid dolls in the vitals over and over again...

...when she wasn't giving hers a smiley face, that was. ]

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