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asahina aoi ★ shsl swimmer ([personal profile] lifesavers) wrote in [community profile] ladybox 2015-06-01 01:11 am (UTC)

i don't feel like writing up a 3rd person all alone help me out babe

Asahina didn't often have a lot to do with activities that weren't related to school or sports very often, honestly. She had so many club activities that she was 100% committed to - 200% committed to, even - that she honestly didn't have a lot of time to spare for other things. Like guys (although dating was a whole other issue, tied up in her perception of her own femininity) and friends who didn't go to her school. At least she managed to keep up with friends she'd made before Hope's Peak, of course, and elsewhere, but...

Well, usually she was tied up in training or sports or schoolwork.

Today, though? Today she totally made some free time. Because guess where we are right now. Guess.

That's right: a food festival. There are fucking donuts here. And sweets and non-sweets and This was worth clearing her schedule a bit and thank god she's not on a diet right now (though she might worry about it later after she tries a bunch of stuff) because this world is her oyster (and hey look over there, some oysters...)

Asahina turns to peer at the girl beside her, determination written across her face. "All right! Where should we go first, Maya-chan?! Starting off with something light and fluffy might be good, right?"

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