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call me out meme;

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

refer to the list above for active muses; while i'm less active with others, i'm willing to play anyone listed here.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.
some of my favorite memes: Soulmate Fuckup, Random Scenario, Highschool AU (romantic or otherwise), TFLN, The floor is lava, Stuck in the Rain, Minor Injury, Pillow Fort, Pokemon AU, Hogwarts AU (just about any canon au)

meme code.

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"Cookies sound like a good opener!" Donuts are, of course, the main course. And the side course, maybe. Gosh, it's nice to have someone around who understands how great this entire festival is! Not that Sakura-chan wouldn't have come with her if Asahina had asked, but Sakura wasn't really into food the way Asahina was. Nor were any of her other classmates, really.

...Well, one or two of them might have gone, but they just wouldn't have had the same Enthusiasm Maya brings to the table. Which is important, here. Sometimes you just need to hang out with someone who's on the same wavelength as you about something. It makes an activity more fun if you know the other person is all in just like you are - something Asahina fully understands, as an all-around team player.

"Oh, hey, that booth lets you frost your own cookies!" BONUS. Asahina's already moving even as she says it, absently linking her arm through that of the shorter girl to tow the spirit medium along. "We can give them cute faces!"
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If Maya had known this place even existed before Asahina had told her, she probably would have dragged Nick and Pearly along, but they wouldn't have been as enthusiastic as Asahina, either. Some people just don't have that appreciation for stuffing their faces. They're clearly missing some kind of higher function that Maya and Asahina have.

"Oooh, awesome! We can make them our friends and then eat our friends' faces!" Maya, no...

Once at the booth Maya grabs her first cookie and a thing of black frosting. She's considering making one of herself. Would it be weird to eat her own face? There's nothing cuter than herself, though.
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"Should we make some of eachother, then?" Since she 100% considers Maya a friend. They're both friendly by nature, okay. Even though Maya is older...she's shorter and doesn't act like it, so it works out. Unhooking their arms once they're at the booth, Asahina goes for a peanut butter cookie to frost first.

"There's so many colors...!"