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i have been murdered a few times

statistically speaking






USUAL TYPE OF CHARACTER: Good teens, 6/12 are blondes.

BOYS vs GIRLS: 3 boys vs 9 girls.

YOUNGEST vs OLDEST: 14 (Luna) vs 100s (Kouichi)

roxy lalonde, homestuck
hope is dope, despair is who cares

GAME: Dangan Roleplay, Round 1

END STATUS: Alive, survivor, though it was also all virtual, anyway,

ROLE: None.

DEATH: None.

OTHER: Roxy went home with John and Aradia preparing to get shit done. At one point she was turned into Lysandre and called herself... Rolandre. At another, she tore Lysandre a new one in the same trial she ordered alien pizza in. She also once dropped a girl on the ground to kiss surprise Hinata.

mai, avatar: the last airbender
could not care fucking less

GAME: Blank State

END STATUS: Died, but was brought back by Ty Lee at the price of losing her memory of Zuko.

ROLE: None.

DEATH: Round 7, killed by Malik Ishtar.

OTHER: Was called a shitty friend by a cat. Her death scene had her dressed up as a superhero. She was killed by the guy she hated the most. She punched him when he died. After she was saved by Ty Lee, the girls went home and just gayed it all up.

chihiro fujisaki, dangan ronpa
dude looks like a lady

GAME: Craven Castle

END STATUS: Died, but like the rest was rescued in the end.

ROLE: None.

DEATH: Week 6, killed by Rin Kagamine.

OTHER: I went to Nebraska, so Chihiro had to get blown up. He never get to tell anyone he was actually a boy. Hostage week, his hostage was Makoto Naegi.

maya fey, ace attorney
actual worst lawyer

GAME: Dreamsland

END STATUS: Died, but no one actually died.

ROLE: None. Buddy'd with Aya Shameimaru.

DEATH: Day 7, exploded by Clash.

OTHER: Tried to be Ibuki Mioda's lawyer. It didn't work out.

happy, fairy tail
cat with wings

GAME: Oregon Trials

END STATUS: Did not make it to Oregon, I guess.

ROLE: Wagon 2

DEATH: Week 6, killed by the number 11. And wild animals.

OTHER: "Megan that wasn't really a MURDER game" fight me, then. At one point he and Carla had to wear a Catdog outfit.

pearl fey, ace attorney
tiny disaster was a disaster

GAME: Crybadger

END STATUS: Alive, full of regret,

ROLE: None.

DEATH: None.

OTHER: She got a bomb coin... and used it on her beloved cousins, on the suspicions of Trucy Wright, it went very badly, she's so sorry,,,

kouichi aizawa, nabari no ou
the owl and the cat

GAME: Ship Trap

END STATUS: i recall a pit

ROLE: None

DEATH: Day 3, refused to kill Shijima and she refused to kill him instead so they got dead together.

OTHER: I remember so little of this game I once saw people discussing it and said "where was I for this game??" the answer is, I was apparently there.

luna, area d: inou ryouiki
sol's twin

GAME: Trustfell, Round 1

END STATUS: me: did they revive the dead... lucy: they did and we threaded together megan

ROLE: None.

DEATH: Week 4, killed by Chie Hori.

OTHER: We had trouble planning her death so I joked that they could throw her down the stairs, and they did.

roxy lalonde, homestuck
girl does her best, everyone else fucks up

GAME: Seven Vices

END STATUS: Survivor.

ROLE: Mole for Miata, Lust.

DEATH: None.

OTHER: One of the "good guy" moles under Miata. Just wanted to nap. Dated Hajime Hinata and both survived. Hostage week hostage was Rose Lalonde. MURDER CARDS.

roxy lalonde, homestuck
teen mom does her best, ungrateful child stabs her

GAME: Cradle Project


ROLE: None.

DEATH: Week 10, killed by Davelien.

OTHER: Spent the entire game trying to get her teen son a date, was stabbed with a sword after trying to be executed in his place. It's fine, they're fine. MURDER CARDS.

rose lalonde, homestuck
kept shitty notes never to be revealed

GAME: 62


ROLE: None.

DEATH: None.

OTHER: One time her apartment was on fire and she took the time to save her notebook. After that I zoned out but apparently Rose survived, and everything was Fallout.

lissa, fire emblem: awakening
girl on fire

GAME: Robowest

END STATUS: Rides the train home, bye.

ROLE: None.

DEATH: Week 3, executed for not voting.

OTHER: I missed a vote while being a flake, so Squee set my baby on fire, aboslutely worth it, would be set on fire again.

violet baudelaire, a series of unfortunate events

GAME: Yuggoth

END STATUS: Killed herself in the endgame mass suicide.

ROLE: The Bomber

DEATH: Suicide by scapel to the neck.

OTHER: Had a role that only worked if she was murdered. Joined a small Scooby gang that investigated things. Game ended in mass suicide.