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sweet crescent moon, up in the sky

[ It's a week or more after the end of Cress. Thorne's sight has returned to make my life easier, they're probably planning on going to Luna sooner rather than later, but at this moment the Rampion is quiet and peaceful.

Well, asides from them all being hunted down by the Lunar military and the Earthen Union for kidnapping a world leader, the newsfeeds every day about more people being slaughtered because of it, planning a Lunar revolution centered around a cyborg mechanic princess, Wolf's slinking around like a wounded animal ready to bite something's head off, and probably some other things he can't think of at the moment but are just as tiring as all the others.

But aside from all that, peaceful.

Thorne is lounging in the cockpit, feet up on the arm of the chair next to him, shuffling his deck of cards. He'd be in the cargo bay with his cards looking to play someone for money none of them have (yet), but right now that area is where the cyborg mechanic princess and her kidnapped emperor are discussing important revolutionary matters. Or kissing, if you listen to Iko. Either way, that leaves him in the cockpit. Bored. No one else is complaining of boredom, of course, since the world is at stake and they are planning a revolution and all, but. He's certain that everyone's thinking it. ]

Darla, could you play some music?

[ The ship obliged, tuning to some new pop music from the Eastern Commonwealth. ] No, something else. [ It switched to some old-style country music. ] Definitely not that. [ Now it was playing something old, smooth and jazzy. ] Well, that's a start, anyway...
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call me out meme;

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

go on call me out )
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"will you make a post in your musebox for threading btw"
"y ma'am"